Welcome to The Beehive Workshop

Manufacturer of Quality Handmade Cedar Beehives

The Beehive Workshop is an independent beehive manufacturer and hobby beekeeper specialising in the British National Hive and hive parts. The Workshop is based in Middlesex Greater London and is the only beehive manufacturer within the Greater London area. Experienced or new to beekeeping please contact me if you have any question’s as I always have time to talk about the hives and beekeeping. I have chosen only to produce solid Cedar National Beehive's and hive parts from the best quality Western Red Cedar. Cedar is the best timber for the job not only is it a beautiful wood it is light in weight and also extremely stable. Most importantly it has natural oils that make it durable and will withstand the worst of the British weather, without the need for any wood preservatives

For a number of items in the price list I have a pay now facility through paypal for other items you can send me your requirements and I can give you a price and request the amount through paypal, or if you prefer you can send a cheque or payment on collection. The hives are produced in my workshop just on the outskirts of West London and are not mass-produced. This way attention to detail can be maintained and each hive is hand crafted and finished to a high standard with the emphasis on customer satisfaction. Cedar requires no preservatives to protect it but in time left outside will turn a lovely silver grey as all woods do, if you wish a “safe to bees” preserver can be applied to the outside of the hive to retain its natural colour.

Although other manufactures sell flat pack hives, I have decided not to do this. The reason for this is I want to know that every hive that leaves the workshop meets with my high and exact standards. The clamping and gluing of the hive parts to me are as important to the longevity of the hives as with the accuracy of manufacture The glue that I use in the assembly of the hives is a Polyurethane Glue this is extremely durable and is used in boat building and situations of high exposure it will outlast a waterproof PVA glue 10-1. It can also be a very sticky and messy glue to work with but as the end result of beekeeping can be a sticky and messy process then why not one of the first.

With continuing emphasis on trying to provide the best service possible and value for money I am now able to offer the following extra products relating to the national hive. The hives can now be supplied as Top Bee Space as well as standard Bottom Bee Space.The supers can be supplied with Castellated Spacers or with the Standard Metal Runners. The half supers are a big help to people with bad backs as the full standard super can weigh 40lb and may need to be placed back on the hive carefully without banging the hive. Although not the complete answer the half super can be the difference to continuing with beekeeping and having to stop. I have not seen them fitted to a national hive and I believe I am the only manufacturer to produce them for the National Hive

How to deliver great business processing results - case study David Azzato's project

Once you find something you want to work on and develop some good ideas you have made a few important steps, but the big ones are yet to come. David Azzato works on many projects on the same time, mobile credit card processing, his chess world (app and portal), real estate portfolio management, website traffic and revenue optimization, and many more.

We know this is not easy for David and his team, but they seem very calm and yet the results they make are great. Want to how they do it? Here is what he said to us about it:

"The hardest part of working on our projects is the development of new ideas. Their integration into the system and trying to make everything the best it can be, can be really frustrating if you don't know what you are doing, and if you do not have a really good team. Because of that I think that the first step to success is to have a good team. The next step would be the ideas. The work usually does not come to the workers at the beginning. So you have to search for work, find it and start creating ideas. Creative minds is the one thing the world needs the most today. Why? Because every problem can be solved with creativity and a little bit of hard work, of course. The third step is to work. Start developing your ideas and creating products, testing them and trying to find any downsides you can fix. This last step can take a few months of your time. But being sure the product is ok and like you imagined it, is very important. After that, it can go public. You tell the world about it and make sure a lot of people from all over the world can hear you while doing it. If you follow these steps, than there is no reason you should fail."

Be consistent

Always wanting to go further and do something new, better and more useful made out of David Azzato and his team what they are today. "Don't give up if you see a problem comming. Nothing is unsolvable, and there is a solution for everything. You just need to keep going, analyzing and finding ideas and solutions you can create a work strategy from. Always follow your dreams and do it for the reasons you started it. Make up a way to remind yourself of that, because we lose the motivation and forget things quite often."

Well, nice to know that David Azzato had to also remind himself about his goals, and to stop from time to time to take a deep breath and then keep going. It is hard to stay in the business world for a long time, especially if you came a short time ago, like David, but if you really have the passion for working on the projects you do, than you will always have something to do, and never get out of business.

Having a family

Doing your job and keeping up with your family is always quite hard. Especially if you work in a team and you develop something all the time, like David Azzato. But somehow he and hi wife manage it to spend as much time as possible together and take care of their children. "It is hard, but I know everything has it's upsides and downsides. One of the downsides of the business my team and I do in is that we need to manage our time in the best possible way. But we also know that we are a family and that we have obligations to our loyal costumers, and that they are also the ones who need to be taken care of."

We love it when we hear someone wanting to actually take care of their costumers, and not only saying it but also showing it, like he and his team do. Let us take an example and try to see if there are any sings of this. Do they really have the urge to help us or just say it like that? Here is what we found out about one particular project David Azzato and his team have been and are still working on, that can prove how big his need for costumer satisfaction is, and how much he and his team want us to be happy.

The chess world

David Azzato and his team created their chess world through their online chess portal and their number one chess app on the Google Play Store. Why did they do it? To earn money? No. Because if so they would have put a bunch of adverts on the game and portal and they would not be free as they are. Azzatos David Azzato and his team enjoy chess also and keep making it better and using new tools and ideas to make better and easier solutions? Yes, they are. In many interviews David Azzato gave, he explained how they are constantly working on new ideas and solutions, even if they don't see any space for improvements they will keep looking for something better they could add on their projects. Do they interact with their costumers and answer their questions? - Yes, they do. He and the members of his team often go on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to read what the people are saying about them or to see if there are any questions they can answer.

What do they look like to you? We know the answer - a caring and sharing team who really do take care of their costumers' satisfaction. It really is not easy for someone to be in charge of such a huge network of projects, to have a family and a private life and to take care about his costumers besides all of that. But David Azzato manages it somehow to do all of that and keeps being the one which services we will always be looking for first.