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Complete Hive With Standard BB Including - Stand, Mesh Floor, Standard BB With 11 DN4 Frames and Wax assembled, Dummy Board, Queen Excluder, 2x Supers Each with 11 SN1 Frames and Wax assembled On Plastic Ends, Crown Board, Gabled Roof. This is the best hive i have brought, the craftmanship is fantastic, really pleased and will certainly be buying some more. I've just received a hive from another supplier and deeply regret having not invested in another top quality hive from "The Workshop". All my future hives will come from Thomas to prevent disappointment. Thomas has supplied me with two beaufiful hives built as exactly as I had hoped. Everything is just so, and the finish of the hives is brilliant. (Way better than the other couple of hives I have). Thomas delivered the hives to my home and offered some very useful advice. If you want quality, I strongly reccommend Thomas's hives.

Beautifully handcrafted hives ours are called Wonderland and Buckingham Palace and both have been excellent homes for our bees who have survived a very cold winter. Tom Hives are the best that money can buy. Hand built to a unique high standard, using the nicest deep dark cedar. I have had my hive for a year now bees doing realy well. I have seen a hundered hives and none compare to my beehive work shop hive! Very professional service received, difficulties due to mishandling by the courier, but these were sorted out quickly by Thomas. Communication was excellent and very courteous and he even added bits of very useful advice. The hive is wonderful, very well made and lovely to look at. It is currently in my dining room as it seems a shame to put it outside (no bees in it yet)! We look forward to using it as soon as we find some new residents.

Not only does Thomas offer good advice about his products he is a beekeeper himself which makes the buying process more enjoyable. I have now set the hive up with my bees it looks great and the bees love it! It's truly a piece of art, the best hive in the our apiary by far. Thank you Thomas for a great hive it's a pleasure to do business with you. I am fortunate to have two of Thomas' 14X12 National hives and a 14x12 Nucleus hive bought recently. These hives are definately the best. They look great, are beautiful quality with very sound and careful construction; they're robust, - and a joy to use. It's a real pleasure to be able to commision and enjoy craft work like this. Beutifully made and of high quality with excellent communication over order. I am very happy to recommend and will be making future orders when I need more equipment.